5 Trending Multiplayer Games to Play with Your Friends Right Now!

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

We love to play games whether we play it on our smartphones, laptops, desktops, gaming console or other devices. Video games are one of the best ways to pass the time. Especially if you are having a long day with no one to talk with, you can take help of these games. It will You won’t even notice how much time you have spent playing these games when you get into them. No matter what comes and goes, the games we have included in this list will remain evergreen. We have chosen the top 5 trending multiplayer games that you can play with your friends and family while sitting on your couch.

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds PC Game
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds PC Game

Almost all of us know about this game. After all, Pubg is the #1 trending game as of now. The game is on number one on our list, and you will mostly find it on top everywhere. There is a reason why people love this game so much. The graphics and gameplay are so realistic that people get delighted while playing it for hours. Once you start playing Pubg, you wouldn’t even know how easily you spent two or three hours while playing it.

PUBG Gameplay

Player unknown’s Battlegrounds is an action game made by Tencent games. If we would have to tell you about the game in the easiest way, there are a total of 100 players in a game and the one who survives till #1 wins the game. You have to find weapons and armours to defend yourself and kill other players. The circle keeps getting smaller time by time so everyone has to be in it otherwise it will cause health damage which can lead to the death of your player. The one who survives till last wins the game and have the chicken dinner.

There are several modes available in the game and the company is regularly adding more modes to the game. Classic match in which there are a total of 100 players, the one who survives till last becomes the winner. Arcade mode, in which you can play sniper training and quick match if you want to first learn how to play the game. Team deathmatch, where you will be matched with 3 different players to create a squad. You can play it with your friends or with random people as well. You will have to fight against a squad in a small area. The first team who scores 40 kills will win.

This game requires high-end devices with good graphic performance to run smoothly. But you can download the lite version of PUBG mobile if you are unable to play it on your smartphone smoothly.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty Mobile

After Pubg, COD mobile is the choice of millions in the world. Call of duty mobile is an action game made by Mobile Activision Publishing, Inc. Earlier, call of duty was available for computer devices but now the company has made the game available for mobile devices as well.

This is the reason for increased players of the game around the world.  People find it more convenient for playing games on their mobile phones. Not everyone has desktop systems with a high-end configuration that’s why they find it better on the mobile.

Tencent is a co-developer of Call of duty mobile which is also the developer of Pubg mobile. You can choose from different modes and maps to play. The game offers similar graphics as Pubg mobile. You can play it with your friends while talking to them just like Pubg mobile. Both of these games have an in-game chat feature which allows you to talk to your friends through voice over the internet.



Fortnite is an action game developed by Epic Games, Inc. It was first released by Epic Games Inc. in the year 2017 and was the first game to bring the concept of battleground games. The game is available for all platforms including mobile, PC devices, and gaming consoles. The best part about Fortnite is that you can use play it with your friends whether they are using a mobile device, pc, or gaming consoles. You can create a single team including your friends playing from smartphones and pc devices.

The Fortnite game is the same on mobile that you experience on Playstation, Xbox, PC, Mac or switch. The developer offers the same gameplay, updates, map etc. on mobile phones. Meaning you will not feel like any less while playing with your friends on high-end devices. Same as Pubg, there are 99 other players in a game. You can pick as many weapons as you can from the map and move to the safe zone defending and eliminating other players. Whoever lasts #1 wins the game.

Clash Of Clans

Clas of Clans
Clas of Clans

Clash of clans is one of the most played strategy games in the world. The game is #1 choice of users around the world in strategy games category. Almost all of us had played this game in our teenage. Clash of clans is developed by Finnish game developer Supercell and is available for mobile devices. The game was available on mobile devices in the year 2012-13 and since then, it has reached more than 500 million users around the world. You can easily estimate the popularity of this game by how many downloads it has around the world.

The basic concept of Clash of clans is building your own village, raising a clan, building your army, defending your village from the attackers, and raiding other villages to loot stuff. You will unlock new features every time you upgrade the town hall. There are a total of 13 levels of town halls currently. The developers are working on regular updates for the game.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pools
8 Ball Pools

8 Ball pool is a sports game by Miniclip.com. It is one of the best sports games on the app store. As you can guess by the name, 8 ball pool is a billiards game played between two players, you and your opponent. You can choose the opponent randomly or you can play it with your friends. There are several different modes available such as 9 ball pool in which the player who first pot 9 balls win. You can also play a tournament in which you need to win the final game to win coins. There are minigames available through which, you can get daily rewards by spinning the wheel or potting a ball at exact spots and more.

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