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Cymondeals is the Best Website for Holiday Shopping Deals and Ideas

Our team of contributors research the best price, deals, products, and offers on various shopping websites like Amazon, Walmart, Bestbuy, and more regularly to bring you the best deals from around the world. We work globally so that we can reach more people and help more people in saving a big amount of money on their shopping spends.

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our Shopping Savvy team

Atarah Revie

Atarah Revie

Amazon Deals Expert

Atarah Revie is a 25-year-old shopping researcher who enjoys reading, worship and travelling. She is loveable and exciting, but can also be very sneaky and a bit selfish.

Ernst Ferreyra

Ernst Ferreyra

Digital Products Specialist

Ernst Ferreyra is a 28-year-old digital marketer who enjoys duck herding, walking and learning new languages. He is energetic and bright, but can also be very unkind and a bit boring.

Sonal Simoneit

Sonal Simoneit

Home & Decor Expert

Sonal Simoneit is a gym assistant and a Youtube creator. She enjoys eating out, and street photography. She is loveable and energetic, but can also be very greedy and a bit stingy.

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