Amazon Echo Flex Christmas Sale – 60% Discount, $9.99 Only

Amazon Echo Flex Christmas / Holiday Deals

Amazon Echo Flex Christmas

  • Makes any space a little smarter
  • Alexa Integration for voice control
  • Built-in USB port to charge phones or other devices
  • Additional security and privacy features
  • Connect with other Echo compatible devices

Are you planning to make your home smarter? This Christmas will be the best time to stock up on all your requirements for Smart Home. Amazon Echo Flex Christmas deals will be live with a 29% discount. You can grab plenty of products from WeMo, Insteon, and many more at the lowest price during the sale. Amazon offered huge discounts on Alexa devices last year. Well, the discount on Amazon Echo Flex is not too massive, but it is a good deal to grab.

Amazon Echo Flex Christmas Sale – What’s the Deal?

As we all know that we get the best discounts during the Christmas sale. Most of our favorite brands put their products on heavy discounts during the Christmas sale. You can avail a flat 29% discount during the Amazon Echo Flex Christmas sale. If you are looking to save huge money on the purchase of Amazon Echo Flex, this is the best time for you to buy it.

We are going to talk about the deal and how you can avail the discount. The sale is not going to last for long and will over once the Christmas sale ends. We don’t want you to miss the discount, that’s why we have mentioned everything that you should know about the deals during the Amazon Echo Flex Christmas sale.

Amazon Echo Flex at 30% Discount – Buy Now

What is Amazon Echo Flex?

Amazon Echo Flex Christmas
Amazon Echo Flex Christmas 

Echo Flex at $17.99 Only

Amazon Echo Flex is being offered at discount of 29% after which you'll get Echo Flex at just $17.99.
On Going Offer

Amazon Echo flex is a small smart Alexa powered speaker that you can plug in any wall outlet in your house. The Echo flex is one of the cheapest ways to make your home smarter and be able to use Alexa’s smart voice. Besides all the amazing features that the flex has, you can also use it as a charger for your devices. The flex comes with a USB-A port where you can insert your cables to charge your smartphone or any other device.

Echo Flex comes with a speaker, you can play music, give commands to Alexa, know the weather in your city, and other information by just sitting on your couch. But as we all know that playing music is not the primary work of Echo flex, it’s a smart wall plug that comes with a speaker and Alexa integration to act as a smart home control as well.

Considering the size, the flex doesn’t take much space and can be plugged into your existing wall outlet. There is no need to purchase any additional converter to install it. It is very easy to use because of Alexa integration, all you have to do is just power it on and pair it with your Alexa app. Let us talk about some features of Amazon Echo Flex.

Make Any Space Smarter

Use the voice controls of the echo flex to set timers, create to-do lists, create daily reminders, check the news headlines, weather, traffic around the city, ask Alexa for sports information, movie showtimes, restaurant hours, and more. You can do a lot of activities including all these by just saying the word “Alexa” and get answers to that all.

Voice Control Your Home

Manage your echo compatible light bulb, camera, a smart plug, lock, TV, fan, Wi-fi, garage door, speaker, thermostat, and other devices with the help of Alexa. Switch on the lights before coming out of bed or dim the smart lights when watching a movie. All that is possible with just your voice. The flex also comes with an Alexa guard to get smart alerts of smoke alarms, glass breaking, and more if your compatible device supports the feature.

Keep Your Family in Sync

You can use your Alexa devices to make announcements and drop-ins in every room. There is no need to personally ask in every room for dinner, lunch, or tea, or anything else. Set your own commands in your Alexa app and use them to communicate with your family. Echo flex allows making hands-free calls in almost every country including the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, and other countries. Stay connected with them even if they are not with you.

Packed with Flexibility

With the help of the USB-A port on the bottom of Echo flex, you can charge your smartphone and other compatible accessories. There are some accessories available for the flex such as the night light and motion sensor. You can plug the night light or motion sensor into the USB-A port. The motion sensor can be used to create routines if you own other smart home products. Set Alexa compatible lights to turn on when you walk into the room. Turn the lights off when you walk out of the room. Turn off the lights when the room is empty for some time with the help of the motion sensor. You can really play around with the motion sensor to step up in the smart home game.

Improved Privacy and Security

Just like the bigger versions of Echo speakers, the Echo flex comes with a dedicated microphone off button. It allows to electronically disconnect the microphone when you don’t need it or having private conversations with anyone. It will completely disconnect your voice with the microphone. This is one of the best features for people who are concerned about their privacy as the echo device is always turned on. You also have the option to record your voice. You can view them, hear them, or delete them anytime you want.

Alexa Skills

Alexa currently has more than tens of thousands of skills for Echo devices and is always adding more to it. Alexa’s voice is always getting smarter. You can see some of the best skills that Alexa has by saying “Alexa, what are your top skills?”. These skills allow you to do more with your Alexa powered devices such as the Echo flex. The Alexa voice system supports Apple Music, Spotify, Philips Hue smart lighting system, CNBC, Amazon Music, and a lot more.

Amazon Echo Flex Christmas / Holiday FAQs

Based on the experiences of our editors, we’ve listed the best Echo devices here, have a look at them:

  1. Echo Dot – Don’t expect a spectacular sound quality, Echo Dot is on top because of its affordability.
  2. Sonos One – Sonos is the best speaker for Alexa.
  3. Ultimate Ears Megablast – For those who love to listen to loud music.
  4. Marshall Stanmore 2 voice.

One difference between and Alexa and Echo is the price point it is being offered at. If we talk about technical differences, then Echo is made for music, and other sound works. Alexa too can perform music and sound tasks, but Echo does it better. Purpose of Alexa is to help in home automation not only in sound and music tasks.

No, there is no monthly fee for using Amazon Echo Devices. All you need to pay is to buy the device once and pay for memberships of amazon music and other services that are quite affordable and comes in packaged with Amazon Prime Membership. Other than this, you don’t need to pay even a single penny.

Amazon’s Echo is a smart speaker that responds on the voice commands. It is built using Artificial Intelligence. All the Echo devices can answer your questions, play and stop music, tell you the current time, create alarms, search the web, and stream music from amazon music.

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