Lifx Cyber Monday Deals – Smart Bulbs, Beam, Light Strip up to 50% Off!

Lifx Cyber Monday Deals

LIFX Home Lighting at Up to 50% Discount

Grab Lifx home lighting and smart lighting products from Amazon during black friday and cyber monday sale at up to 50% discount.
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Lifx A19 Smart Bulbs at $20 Off

Grab Lifx A19 Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs from Amazon at $20 discount on Black Friday.
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Lifx+ BR30 Smart Bulbs at $30 Off

Grab Lifx+ BR30 Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs Pack of 4 from Amazon at $30 discount on Black Friday.
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Lix Z LED Strip Starter Kit at $8 Off

Buy Lifx Z LED Strip Starter Kit from Amazon at $8 discount on Black Friday.
On Going Offer

Lifx Modular Tile, Pack of 5 at $61 Off

Grab Lifx Modular Tile smart lighting, pack of 5 at up to $60 discount. This discount will be available for Lifx cyber monday sale only.
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Lifx has announced crazy deals on their individual and bundle smart bulbs and other home lighting products. During this Thanksgiving week, Lifx products will be available both on Amazon and their website at up to 50% discount. The discount which we have mentioned here will valid till Lifx Cyber Monday sale. After that, all discounts will be removed. Lifx deals are available on top of this page and here below this paragraph, make sure to avail deals before Cyber Monday, otherwise, you’ll miss it.

Note: Offers listed on this page will be live from Black Friday till Cyber Monday.

LIFX Cyber Monday Deals on Smart Lighting

LIFX Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offers
LIFX Cyber Monday & Black Friday Offers

As we all know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest sales of the year, all of our favourite brands provide great discounts on most of their products. During the Lifx Cyber Monday sale, you can save up to 50% on smart lighting products. If you are looking to purchase smart lighting products for your home, this is the best time to grab huge discounts.

Almost all of us wait for the Cyber Monday sale as this is the time when most of our favourite products and services are on heavy discounts. We are going to tell you about the deals you will get during the Lifx Cyber Monday Sale. Let’s look into the deals and how you can avail of these amazing discounts. Along with deals and discounts on Lifx, we’ll explore the range of products offered by Lifx and their usage.

What are the Deals on LIFX Smart Bulbs?

Lifx Black Friday
Lifx Cyber Monday / Black Friday Sale

Lifx A19 Smart Bulbs at $20 Off

Grab Lifx A19 Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs from Amazon at $20 discount on Black Friday.
On Going Offer

Lifx+ BR30 Smart Bulbs at $30 Off

Grab Lifx+ BR30 Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs Pack of 4 from Amazon at $30 discount on Black Friday.
On Going Offer

The Lifx smart bulb is one of the best replacements for your ordinary light bulbs. You can install these smart bulbs on your ordinary holders. There is no need to do any additional changes to make the smart light bulbs work. Smart bulbs are there in the market for a long time and you can find them everywhere. But what’s new is the technology that brands are bringing with their smart bulbs. Let us talk about the features of Lifx smart bulbs.

During the Lifx Cyber Monday sale, Lifx smart bulbs are available at heavy discounts of up to 50%. There are two major popular products from Flix that you can buy during the sale. Here we have mentioned smart bulbs and the deals being offered on them. Have a look and buy it before the sale gets off.

Lifx Cyber Monday Deals on Smart Bulbs


LIFX A19 Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb, Pack of 4
$195.96 $176.15


LIFX+ BR30 Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb, Pack of 4
$256.45 $225.86

LIFX Bundle Mini Day & Dusk

LIFX Bundle Mini Day & Dusk BR30+, Pack of 4
$129, Introductory Price

Lifx is among the biggest alternatives of Philips Hue home lighting solutions. Controlling the lights in your living room or in your office is really cool. Just say the commands such as “Turn on the lights in the living room” and done. It looks cool when you are with someone and you use the commands to control your lights. The Lifx smart bulbs are energy efficient and can last for a very long time.

Lifx Cyber Monday Deal – $8 Off on Z Light Strips

Lifx Black Friday

Lix Z LED Strip Starter Kit at $8 Off

Buy Lifx Z LED Strip Starter Kit from Amazon at $8 discount on Black Friday.
On Going Offer

As you can understand by the name, the Lifx strip lighting can give you perfect lighting experiences to the places you have never expected before. With the light strip, it is possible to make every area of your home lit. Lifx Cyber Monday Deal on Lifx Z LED Light Strip is offering an $8 discount. The deal won’t last for many days, so claim it at the earliest. There are always some places that remain dark because we cannot add any source of light there. Lifx Z Light Strip is adjustable, can be fixed to any surface because of the sticky adhesive. All you have to do is just plug in the strip light and turn on your Wi-Fi, download the Lifx smartphone app and follow the instructions to set up the lighting.

The strip lights are adjustable and dimmable. You can choose from 16 million colours and from a full range of warm and cool whites with the flexibility to dim the light. The Lifx Z strip lights can be adjusted to your preferred length to ensure the best fit for your home. But you need to make sure that you are not using the lights in weather-exposed conditions. Just like the smart bulbs, you can control the smart light strip with voice control or the Lifx app and you don’t need a hub or bridge to be able to use the light strips.

Lifx Beam, Pack of 6 at Just $99.99

Lifx Beam, What's the Deal?
Lifx Beam, What’s the Deal?

The maximum retail price of Lifx Beam light in a pack of 6 is $195 approx. and it usually sells for somewhere $150. During the Lifx Cyber Monday sale, you can grab Lifx Beam Pack of 6 at $99.99 only. This is the most discounted product of Lifx during the Cyber Monday sale.

Lifx Beam, Pack of 6 at $99.99

Lifx Beam is one of the most creative smart lighting products of Lifx. During the Lifx Cyber Monday sale, you can grab Lifx Beam Pack of 6 at just $99.99 on 50% discount.
On Going Offer

Lifx beam is another smart home light that works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and other voice assistant systems. The best part of Lifx smart lighting devices is that there is no hub required. You can directly control your lights from a smartphone. The design of the Lifx beam is like a rectangular bar that you can stick to any place such as the doors, around your TV etc. The beams can be connected together in any shape you like.

You also get the corner piece of beam light with the beam kit which is a square shape light with help of which, you can turn the shape of the lights from vertical to horizontal. As you can not bend the light tile, the beam square light works as a connector between the lights. You can mount the beam lights to any wall with the help of sticky adhesive.

The Lifx beam has all the features that you get with its bulbs or any other smart lighting device. You can even synchronize the lights to your music to give the room a different feel.

Lifx Smart Lighting – Features that Impressed us

Lifx Modular Tile, Lifx Black Friday Sale
Lifx Modular Tile, Lifx Cyber Monday Sale

Vivid Colours

All of the Lifx smart lights have over 16 million colours with almost a thousand shades of white. You can add different themes and animations to your rooms with the smart bulb. The Lifx smartphone app has a wheel within the app that covers over 16 million colours to choose from. The Lifx smart bulbs come with a life of up to 22.8 years that will help you reduce wastage.

Schedule and Automate

You can use schedules to set the lights to turn on or off at a specific time. You don’t need to physically turn on or off the lights. The lights will turn off automatically whether you are home or not. The lights also have a day and dusk automation feature that allows you to automatically adjust the brightness, colour and temperature of the lights to make your life easy and enhance your lifestyle and health.

Set the Mood

With the help of voice control or a smartphone app, you can control the dimming of lights and set the right mood at any time of day.

No Hub Required

While most smart lighting products require a hub to work, the Lifx smart bulb doesn’t need any additional hardware or any technical skills. It is easy to simple and starts working right as soon as you plug it in. This is one of the best features of Lifx as you don’t have to spend more money on buying a hub.

Easy Installation

The Lifx smart bulb is easy to set up and connect. All you have to do is just install the bulb in a holder and turn it on. Download the Lifx app from your prefered app store and follow the instructions given on the screen and enjoy. The app does get regular updates to make the bulb and app work better.

As we told you above that the Lifx smart lights don’t need any hub or bridge to work. You can control the lights over voice with your assistant. With most of the brands that manufacture smart lighting devices, you must have a hub or bridge to enable voice control. It saves a lot of money as you don’t need to buy a hub or bridge, all you need to do is connect your bulb to your voice assistant. You can connect your lights to Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, IFTTT, SmartThings, Nest, Arlo, Flic and more. Although, if you don’t want the bulbs to work with any voice assistant system, you can control them with your normal switches.

The Lifx Smartphone Application

Lifx App

The smartphone app connects your smart bulb to your Wi-Fi connection to be able to work. Lifx App is available on Microsoft Store, Android Play Store, and Apple App Store. That’s all you need, just a Wi-Fi connection and the smart bulb. There is no need to purchase any bridge or hub additionally which saves a lot of money as these things are not cheap. The app will automatically group all your lights such as light bulbs, groups, integrations etc.

The app itself has a colour wheel with over 16 million colours to decide what suits your home better. The wheel also has the dimming option in the centre which helps to easily locate when you want to dim the lights. There are a lot of different scenes which changes the lights to a different mood of what you choose. Apart from just the basic on/off, dim, change colour, change temperature etc. Let us talk about some of the best features of the Lifx app.

Lifx Smartphone App Features:

  • The app allows controlling all the devices easily by grouping them. You can group devices from your living room, drawing room, or even office. If you want to turn on/off the lights of your office, you just select the office group and do it. You can even personalize the group with your own pictures or Lifx illustrations.
  • You can schedule the lights to automatically fade, on/off, change colour and more. All of it is visible in a calendar-style view.
  • Play with special effects like the music visualizer, fire, move, candle flicker, strobe, colour cycle and more. Set the lights to work with the music beats.
  • Customize the lighting just the way you like and save the settings to use them later. It will save a lot of hustle of getting the perfect lighting again.

Why Should You Choose Lifx on this Cyber Monday?

Lifx launched its first multicoloured Wi-Fi enabled LED light in the year 2012 when the smart home was not at all popular. They have been in the industry ever since and now offer a range of products in more than 80 countries. Smart lighting has become so popular nowadays and we all know how helpful these smart lighting devices are in our life.

Smart lights make the whole light management system a lot easier as compared to the ordinary lights that we all use. Lifx deals in smart lighting devices such as lightbulbs, light strips, switches and a lot more. You can avail great discounts on the purchase of smart lighting products during the Lifx Cyber Monday Sale. We would recommend you purchase everything that you want during the Lifx Cyber Monday sale. Because if you miss it, you will have to wait for another year to get offers like that.

Lifx Cyber Monday Sale FAQs

Most of the smart lighting bulbs gets synchronized with music whenever music is being payed in your house. Just like many of the bulbs, Lifx smart bulb also syncs with music and do lighting according to the feel and beat of the music being played.

This is one of the widely asked questions, Lifx smart lighting bulbs are rated for lastinng for about 40,000 hours that means 27 years if you use it for 4 hours everyday. Philips Hue bulb lasts for about 25,000 hours, that’s another reason to say that Lifx is better than Philips Hue.

Lifx smart bulbs and other smart lighting solutions starts at about $40 that goes till $300+ for different products. During Lifx Black Friday or Lifx Cyber Monday sale you can grab Lifx products at up to 50% discount. Deals and offers are served different on each products. You can save up to $94 on your purchase of Lifx smart lighting products.

Lifx is leading Smart Lighting solutions that sells around the globe. Their smart lighting can be managed from your tablet or mobile. Platforms that has Lifx mobile app available are Widows Mobile, Android Devices, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, and Apple iPod. So, Lifx is available on all major mobile platforms and you can set it up easily.

Philips Hue bulbs seeks support from third party components like Razor, Xfinity, and more whereas Lifx doesn’t need any 3rd party support. Lifx bulbs are brighter than Philips Hue. Color quality is better in Lifix as compared to Philips Hue, and configuring Lifix is easier than Philips. So, yes Lifx is better than Philips Hue in these factors.

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