Nanoleaf Christmas Deals – Up to 67% Off on Canvas, Expansion Pack, Remote

Nanoleaf Christmas Deals

Nanoleaf Smart Remote Home Kit at $29.99

Nanoleaf Smart Remote Control Battery Powered Programmable Bluetooth Home Kit at just $29.99. Grab it Now.
On Going Offer

Nanoleaf Christmas Sale, Up to 67% Discount

As we all know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale are the times when most of our favorite brands put their products on sale with huge discounts. Now it is the time for Nanoleaf Christmas sale, you can save great money on the products that you want to purchase during the Nanoleaf Christmas sale. You can avail up to a 67% discount during the Nanoleaf Christmas sale on your purchases. If you are looking to purchase very unique smart home products, then this is the best time to do it.

Nanoleaf Christmas Deals, Save Money Now

Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit

Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit (9 Pcs.)
$289.99 $199.99

Nanoleaf Canvas Extension Pack

Nanoleaf Canvas Expansion Pack (4 Pcs.)
$99.99 $79.99

Nanoleaf Smart Remote Control Battery Powered Programmable Bluetooth Home Kit, White

Nanoleaf Programmable Bluetooth Home Kit
$99.99 $29.99

Almost all of us wait for the Christmas sale because most of our favourite products and services are on heavy discounts. We are going to talk about the deals that you are getting during the Nanoleaf Christmas sale and how you can avail the discounts.

Why Should You Choose Nanoleaf On this Christmas?

Nanoleaf Black Friday
Nanoleaf Christmas Deals

Nanoleaf was found in the year 2012 by three engineers. Since then, Nanoleaf is surprising the world with its technology and innovation. Nanoleaf is one step ahead in the smart home lighting game. The company has both an online and physical presence with its offices in Shenzen, Paris, and Toronto. They make smart modular and unique lighting for any kind of ambiance.

If you are looking for a different ambiance, Nanoleaf should be in your considerations. The smart lighting from Nanoleaf is much advanced than what we have seen with other brands. Smart lighting has become so popular now that we expect something new in the category and that’s what Nanoleaf can provide you. Below we are going to talk about some of the best smart lighting devices that you can purchase during the Nanoleaf Christmas sale.

Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit, $100 Off

Nanoleaf Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

$100 Off on Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit 15 Pack

Decorate your house with Nanolead Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit of 15 Pack, Buy it now at discount of $100 during this black friday and cyber monday sale.
On Going Offer

The rhythm edition smarter kit from Nanoleaf is one of the coolest smart lights in the market. It is a set of smart LED panels that synchronizes with your music as named rhythm edition. The Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit transforms your favorite songs into dancing symphonies of color and light. The rhythm upgrade module has built-in sound sensors to automatically pick up on the audio.  These nine light panels connect to each other through the flex linkers which you get with the package.

You can install these lights behind your desktop setup or on any wall. You just need a 3M tape to mount them to a wall. The lights are lightweight so you won’t find them coming down from the walls.  Here are the features of the Nanoleaf rhythm edition smarter kit.

Create Any Design

With the triangular LED panels, you can create any shape that you want. Build your own design from your imagination. The triangular pieces can be connected to each other through flex linkers in order to give them a shape and work together. Different panel layouts and layout assistant options are also available in the Nanoleaf app. The AR feature allows you to preview the layouts in your room before you actually give it a shape.

Immersive Screen Mirror

Get a theatre-like experience at your home with the immersive screen mirror feature. You can watch as your on-screen activity is reflected right onto the Nanoleaf light panels. Nanoleaf also has a new desktop app through which you can control the screen mirror.

Over 16 Million Colours with LayoutDetect

The rhythm light panel has over 16 million colors to choose from. You can possibly select any color you could ever think of. You also get a white light temperature value from 1200k-6500k which is great to make the light cooler and warmer as per the condition. Nanoleaf’s exclusive LayoutDetect technology enables color animations to flow intelligently between panels based on your layout.

Personalize and Control Your Lighting

The Nanoleaf free Android and the iOS app allow you to fully control and customize your light panels. You can create scenes, set schedules, create playlists, or download and share your scenes with the user community of Nanoleaf. You can also use the light with the most popular voice control systems such as Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Nanoleaf app, Razer Synapse, IFTTT, and more.

Wake Up Naturally

The rhythm edition smart panel light also has the feature to turn the lights automatically with a scene that you want to set or there are preset such as the sunrise scene. The lights will automatically turn on with the scene Sunrise. You can automate your scenes to turn on and off so you won’t have to wake up by the noise in the morning.

Simple Drill Free Sound

The best part about these lights is that you don’t need any drill machine to install these lights to your wall. The lights are lightweight and you can just use the 3M tape that comes in the box to stick them onto the wall. It won’t fall off the wall because of the weight and there will be no damage to your walls as well. You can bend the lights around the corners with the help of flex linkers.

Nanoleaf Remote, Grab at Just $29.99

Nanoleaf Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

The Nanoleaf Remote is one of the smartest ways to control your lights and your other smart lighting devices from one place. The remote works with the HomeKit and you can also connect it to any HomeKit enabled lighting device. It is not made to be hanged on the wall but to sit on a table as it is about the size of a grapefruit meaning that you can carry it in your palm just like a ball. The Nanoleaf Remote is operated by two AA batteries. It works best with the Aurora rhythm edition starter kit.

How to Set Up Nanoleaf Remote?

Setting up Nanoleaf Remote is pretty easy, you can either set up the remote in the official Nanoleaf application or in the Apple HomeKit app. Follow these steps to set up your Nanoleaf Remote in a few minutes:

  • First of all, when you take the remote out of the box. You need to install the batteries that you get in the box. As the remote will be in two pieces, you won’t feel any issues inserting the batteries.
  • After you have done inserting the batteries, you will see a green light meaning that the remote has started working. Now connect the two pieces of the remote.
  • The next thing is finding the pairing code of your remote. You can find the code on your remote just outside the battery compartment or on the bottom right corner of your manual.
  • Open the Nanoleaf app, click on the remote on the bottom, click on the plus (+) icon, and hold your camera in front of the pairing code in order to connect the remote. That’s it.

Nanoleaf Christmas FAQs

On this global shopping festival, Nanoleaf Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is offering discounts of up to 67% on Remote, Canvas, Panels, Rhythm Edition, and Starter Kits. Here are few Nanoleaf Deals you can claim:

  • Starter Kit at $34 Off
  • Canvas Expansion Pack at 17% Discount
  • Nanoleaf Smart Remote at Just $29.99
  • Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition at $100 Discount

The Nanoleaf free Android and the iOS app allow you to fully control and customize your light panels. You can create scenes, set schedules, create playlists, or download and share your scenes with the user community of Nanoleaf.

Nanoleaf offers panels in two different shapes, one is square, and second is equilateral. Equilateral shape measures at about 9-3/4″ that is 250mm per side with thickness of 5/16″ that means 8mm. The square (canvas) panels measures at about 15*15 cm making it decent in size and easily attachable to the wall.

Nanoleaf is a smart lighting company offering their products across the globe. Product range of Nanoleaf starts from $29.99 with their Smart Bluetooth Remote and goes up to $249.99 for nanoleaf rhythm edition lights for home decoration. They offer a wide range of products, you can see the range and their prices on

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