Smart Light Bulbs Black Friday Deals – Up to 40% Discount, Sale is ON!

Smart Light Bulbs Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

smart light bulbs black friday

  • Dimmable
  • Change the Colours
  • Control from anywhere
  • Help sleep better
  • Smart security features

BrandOfferHow to Activate?
Philips HueUp to 54% Discount
LifxUp to 50% Discount
Lutron CasetaUp to 34% Discount
NanoleafUp to 67% Discount
WemoUp to 55% Discount

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Smart Light Bulbs Black Friday – What’s on Sale?

As we all know that Black Friday sale is the biggest sale of the year. We all wait for the Black Friday sale to save some extra money on our purchases. This is the reason why the sale is so popular in the world. Most of our favourite brands offer huge discounts during the sale. No matter if you are looking to purchase a product or service during the sale, you will find it on heavy discount during the Black Friday sale.

There is no best time to get the things you need than the Black Friday. You can avail up to 40% discount during the Smart Light Bulbs black Friday sale. Make sure you check out the deals as quickly as possible as the sale is not going to last long. The discounts we are getting during the sale are huge, that’s why there are chances that the products will get out of stock pretty fast. We don’t want you to miss any of the deals during the Smart Light Bulbs Black Friday sale. We have listed down all the deals and offers. Here are the Smart Light Bulbs Black Friday deals and offers.

What is a Smart Light Bulb?

Smart Light Bulbs Black Friday
Smart Light Bulbs Black Friday Deals/Offers

While the majority of us already know about what is a smart bulb. If you are new to this category and trying them for the first time, you should know what smart light bulbs are and their awesome features. A smart bulb is just like your ordinary light bulb but with some advanced features and internet capability. As you can guess by the name ‘smart light bulb’, these are the same as some ordinary smart bulb. But it allows you to take complete control over your light bulb. You can use the internet capabilities of the smart bulb to turn them on and off from your smartphone. These smart bulbs come with an application made for smartphone through which you can control your smart light bulbs.

You can turn on and off the lights on just one touch by sitting on your couch. Schedule the lights to turn on or off at specific times. It will be turned off automatically after you leave your house and turned on before you reach home. All you have to do is set scheduled power on and off in the smartphone app. Smart light bulbs are very easy to control and provide you comfort as well.

You can change the colours of your lights on a smart bulb or make it change the colours automatically. Most of the smart light bulbs offer scenes and moods in their smartphone apps. You can use them to change the colour of the light according to the mood. For example, there are moods available such as reading, sleeping, morning, night light etc. Choose from the moods and the colours of the light will automatically change accordingly. Or even you can set the light colour to a specific colour if you want.

Some of the smart bulbs come with advanced features such as “Home Away”. By enabling this feature, you can leave the light to turn on and off automatically at random times. It will make an illusion of someone’s presence at the house even when there is no one. These features are useful if you are going away and don’t want others to know. It will help you secure the house.

Smart Light Bulb Features

  • Dimming: Dimming is one of the most common features of a smart bulb. It allows you to control the brightness of your light through your smartphone. You can use it to dim the lights when watching TV or in the bedroom at night. Some of them require the installation of a dimmer switch, you should check before buying them.
  • Changing Colours: Most of the smart bulbs come with the ability to change colours. This is one of the coolest features of a smart bulb and the reason why people prefer them over ordinary bulbs. Colours change is possible through the smartphone where you can choose from the colours available. Scenes and moods are also available in the app for a better experience.
  • Control from Anywhere: You can control the smart bulb from anywhere. All you need is a working internet connection and the related app. All the functions that you do from your home can be done from other places. If you are home away for a long time, you can turn them on and off to make sure that the house doesn’t look empty. If you forget to turn the lights off while leaving the house, you can do that with the app and save some electricity.
  • Better Sleep: Smart bulbs can help you sleep better. Smart bulbs have a feature that can change the colours automatically according to the time. For example, the smart bulb can change colours to warm when it is time to sleep and can wake you up with the light getting brighter gradually.

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