6 Amazing Things You Can do with Philips Hue Lights

Amazing Things you can do with Philips Hue Lights
Amazing Things you can do with Philips Hue Lights

Investing in smart lighting has more to do with the decoration of the house and not just with the power saving factor. You no longer need to check all the lights of the house before leaving for somewhere. With smart lighting, you can control every corner of lighting smartly. Philips Hue smart bulbs offer way more features as compared to other available smart lighting options in the market like Lifx, Lutron Caseta, and many more.

Once you have smart lighting around you, you can literally do a lot of things with the help of smart lighting. So, if you are thinking that you are done with exploring Hue lighting, then my friend this is just a beginning. I’ll be revealing some amazing things you can do with Philips hue lights. So, let’s get started with it and know what are the things you can do with Philips hue lights.

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Setting up Alarm with Philips Hue Lights

Setting Wake-up Alarm with Philips Hue
Setting Wake-up Alarm with Philips Hue

Ever imagined waking up in a soothing light? Hue lighting can do that for you. You can use Hue Lights as an alternative to your wake-up alarm or if you don’t mind spending then get a wake-up light for you. Philips Hue Bulbs can be scheduled to wake you up by turning on and playing lights in a sunrise effect that fades in gradually that gives you a perfect feeling of waking up to the sun. So, you can avoid those noisy alarms and move to this soothing one. Waking up to sunrise benefits your body and similarly, the sunrise effect will help in increased blood pressure, calm heart rate, and reducing stress. To set the alarm, you can simply open Hue App, go to Routines and then select Alarms.

Use Hue Light Alerts

I hope you must have heard about IFTTT. If not, IFTTT is an application that allows applications and devices to work more efficiently by giving users an option to set conditions for a specified task as desired by the user. You can use IFTTT for doing thousands of things and using it with thousands of services available on the internet. With Hue lights, you can use IFTTT to set up alerts that can notify you when someone has entered or used a specific door. This is just one example, you can set up any kind of alerts using IFTTT and hue lights together.

Add Night-lights to your Children’s Room

Dim lights might be a better option than darkness for your children’s room. Instead of a room filled with darkness, you can make your children’s room colorful without affecting their sleep. Using Philips Hue Bulbs, you can dim the light along with changing colors and it is proven that low-level soothing colors are better for sleep. Simply use the Hue App and schedule colors and brightness of the colors for your children’s room. You can even use Hue App to schedule light to slowly get brighter and change color during the morning time. Quite similar to the sunrise effect.

Sync Hue Lights with TV

Sync Hue Lighting with TV
Sync Hue Lighting with TV

You must have seen those light strips which people use on the backside of their televisions and monitors. Those light strips offer a single color and don’t sync with the television. Hue lights can be synced to the television and make your movie experience way better. So, the color of the light will be similar to what colors you are getting on the television in your movie. This is surely going to give you a theatre effect. To sync hue lights with your television, go to the app store and download the hue camera. The app is going to cost you $3.99. This app uses your iOS device’s camera that helps in getting the colors from the television screen and then hue bulbs constantly syncs these colors. So, if you are watching a scene where there is fire, your room is going to be changed to firey golden colors, and don’t forget to use your home theatre with it.

Auto On Off with Hue Motion Sensor

You can automate your home lights to turn on and off when someone walks in or walks out. This can easily be done by using Hue Motion Sensor. It depends on you that what bulbs work according to the sensor. So, when at night you are going to the washroom, you’ll have lights on and off according to the instruction by you on the Hue App. You can set up a motion sensor by going to the Hue App >> Settings >> Accessory Setup.

Set timer to Turn Off or On Hue Lights

Ever wanted to have lights then turn on and off at a certain time by own? Philips Hue lights are the one that fits this requirement. Using Hue Lighting, you can set up your home lights to turn on and off at a certain specified time. You can even set up the bulb to blink when the timer is over. This timer helps in avoiding those noisy alarms. Simply go to Alarms and Timers and set up a timer for your lights.

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